January 30, 2024

In a recent article by Power Engineering International, our CMO, Kristina Hagström-Illievska, shares the story that ignited the creation of Our Hidden Powers. 

“I want to be able to look myself in the mirror when I’m 80 and say that I did what I could in the early years to make this a better world.” – said Kristina, co- author of our children's book, Our Hidden Powers.

When Kristina delved into the geothermal field, her son's curiosity about it prompted questions. Explaining complex concepts to a child can be challenging for adults, so Kristina, in collaboration with Gabriella Skog, Creative Director at Baseload Capital, crafted the book as a response to these complex questions. 

Beyond answering children's questions, the book serves a greater purpose. Kristina's mission extends to fostering collaboration among renewable technologies, mitigating their individual impact. 

Explore the full article to discover how Our Hidden Powers contributes to empowering tomorrow's leaders: 

Meet the woman revealing children’s hidden powers for a greener energy future


Journalists have to speak the truth about climate change - Kwangyin Liu, CommonWealth Magazine

Kwangyin Liu has been at the forefront of environmental journalism in Taiwan since 2012.

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Let's educate our children - the book: Our hidden powers, Baseload Capital

Our kids are the future, right? So why don’t we talk to them more about the state of the planet we are handing over to them?
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