Baseload Capital announces satisfaction of financing condition and declare the notice of early redemption of its bonds unconditional

2022-06-17 1:03:27

Baseload Capital Sweden AB (publ) (“Baseload”) today announces that the Financing Condition (as defined below) for its early voluntary redemption of all its bonds with ISIN SE0011923267 (the “Bonds”) has been satisfied.

We refer to the previous notice of conditional early redemption dated 31 May 2022 pursuant to which Baseload exercised its option to redeem in full all outstanding Bonds on 29 June 2022 (the “Redemption Date”) in accordance with Clause 9.3 (Voluntary total redemption (call option)) of the terms and conditions of the Bonds. Baseload’s obligation to redeem the Bonds on the Redemption Date was conditioned upon Baseload, prior to the record date (being 21 June 2022), being satisfied that it would receive the necessary funds to redeem the Bonds in full (the “Financing Condition”).

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