Alexander Helling


Alexander is in charge of Baseloads investments and overall portfolio performance. He has an extensive experience in international project finance as well as operating and running companies


Anders Jacobsson

Board member

Anders is the Co-founder and CEO at Blue AB and the President of Bluewater. He was previously one of the founding members of Arctos Equity Partner and have extensive experience investing in small and midcap companies.


Magnus Brandberg

Chairman of the board

Magnus is Partner and Investment Manager at Gullspång Invest. He is specialized in portfolio management, project finance and corporate governance.


Per Olofsson


Per is the president at Girindus Investments and sits on several boards in different technology companies. Among other he is the Chairman of Climeon. He has extensive experience in international investments and project finance.


Pernilla Wihlborg


Pernilla is in charge of Baseloads operations and organization. She is specialized in international expansion, project managements and corporate structure.


Susanne Liljefors Kruger

Board member

Susanne have more than 20 years of experience from business development, supply chain, project management to coaching, outplacement, search & recruitment on domestic and international markets.


Jesper Jolma


Jesper conduct research, analyze potential projects, and assist with Baseloads operations. He has previous experience from working with sales and marketing at Climeon and is currently finishing his Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management.


Tony Engman


Tony is in charge of Baseloads financials and governance. He is an expert in Working Capital Management, Finance & Performance Management with published literature in the subject.